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We take pride in [Quality]

Since existence we pride ourself in bringing quality product to our various customers and ensuring it is affordable.

Premier Standard Industrial Ltd was incorporated in July 1985.


It began operations with the importation of various industrial chemicals like Calcium Carbide and Caustic Soda at its Dosumu Office in Lagos.


In the early 90s, with the company’s capability to source for quality products, the company began supplying high quality brands of offset and web ink to major newspaper companies and print houses. Over the years, through the company’s well established partners of distributors, the company has become a dominant figure in the industry and has successfully introduced additional brands to its line of inks to suits all segments of the markets. Our ink is the number one ink of choice in Nigeria.

In 2004, the company diversified its portfolio into the Agricultural sector and in partnership with Coppens International BV a leading manufacturer of animal feeds 


with speciality in various species of fish. Although, Premier Standard was not the first to go into partnership with Coppens in Nigeria, through aggressive marketing, hardwork, diligence and its strategic branch networks across the six geopolitical zones, it soon became the number one supplier of the Coppens brands in Nigeria,


The company has grown by leaps and bound since its humble beginnings at the Dosumu Office in Lagos Island to having branches across the country.


We hope to continue to serve the ever growing needs of the Nigerian and West African populace for another 30 years and beyond in areas we can add value.